Direct communication

Today direct communication is a crucial part of integrated campaigns, especially those that want to maximize sales results. But it can also be an independent part of the communication that ensures a personalized experience that a user has with the brand.

Experiential communication

  • Brand experience

  • Event creation and management

  • Point of sale promotions

User engagement

  • User activation

  • Brand engagement

Content marketing

  • Video creation

  • Social media management

  • Influencer marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Digital PR

Sales promotion

Direct communication serves content to a user in the form, moment and way that is in line with his or hers routine and needs. The level of customization and personalization is of course variable, depending on the medium, while the content mostly depends on the main goal of the messages and the data we have about specific users.

Experiential marketing offers a unique connection with the brand

Our key goal in this type of communication is to achieve the highest level of user interaction with the brand, while influencing his or hers purchase decisions and boosting loyalty. When creating direct communicational solutions, we establish different types of contacts with users. Via experiential marketing the users make a connection with the brand in real life, but the connection can also take place online or it can even be a combination of the two.

Direct communication via content marketing

Content marketing is a good example of communication that is strictly online. Content is focused on creating brand content with which brands can spread awareness, address directly, or encourage users to purchase their product or service. For our clients we take care of the whole process: from selecting suitable channels and form of communication, creating a strategy for each channel, setting up an editorial team, creating the content, coordinating influencers and monitoring results.

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