Insta Literary Stories Between the Lines

Insta Literary Stories Between the Lines


A1 Slovenija

A study showed that more than 40% of Slovenians do not read a single book in a year. We prefer reading short digital content such as posts on social networks. That’s why on February 8, on the Slovenian culture holiday, A1 Slovenija placed quality literature on Instagram profiles of influencers.

Literary stories on Instagram profiles

For one week, we integrated quality Slovenian literature into the posts of 11 well-known Instagram influencers. Each influencer presented literature as their personal story in five posts. In the last post they revealed that their followers had not read their posts in the past week, but the literature of famous Slovenian writers. They also invited their followers to read the entire collection Between the Lines on the project’s website and in printed form at A1 outlets.

With quality literature, we reached 274,000 people and more than 31,000 interactions.

SHIFT: Petra K., Luka B., Matija P., Klemen S., Klemen K., Dunja P.
Client: Tanja K., Anja B., Manca S.
Partners: Studio Multipraktik, Drom

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