Become a Data Millionaire

Become a Data Millionaire


A1 Slovenija

A1 created the first offer of unlimited mobile packages in Slovenia, which brought users millions of MB of mobile data, which means that every one of us could become a data millionaire overnight. The campaign featured Stane, the first Slovenian data millionaire, and unlimited MIO mobile packages.

How will you spend the millions?

Since many Slovenians dream of millions, we ignited their imaginations in the teaser phase by asking them what they would do with all the millions they would get.

In the next step, we introduced Stane and unlimited MIO mobile packages. Stane’s popularity spread through TV ads and out-of-home advertising. He was giving advice online, in the tabloids, and on his Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Thousands of new data millionaires

With the campaign, we got more than 12,000 new data millionaires and achieved almost twice as much top of mind as in the previous month. The results also exceeded expectations on social networks – the organic reach was rose by 116% on Instagram and 260% on Facebook, while Stane’s GIFs reached more than 17 million views.

SHIFT: Luka B., Kaja E., Eva G., Matija P., Andraž G., Špela Ž., Nina B., Petra A., Manca B. G.
Client: Nina Š., Mojca G., Mateja M.
Partners: Drom, Kinomotel, Art Rebel 9, Studio 100, Markus V., Sven P., Peter G., OMD

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