Nowadays consumers expect from brands to act responsibly in relation to the environment in which they function. Giving back to the society is not anymore, a privilege that brands have, but is their duty that boosts their value.


Social good

Sponsorship strategy

Internal communication strategy

Employer branding

Advanced companies know that their value is being more and more influenced by their standards of sustainability. Therefore, ESG is not just a novelty, it is becoming a standard that emphasizes three criteria (environmental, social, governance) based on which potential investors and the general public evaluate the value of the company.

The reputation of the company is influenced also by its sponsorships that should be chosen thoughtfully and in accordance with brand values as it is crucial that they strengthen the image of the brand, not damage it.

Internal communication is a key part of sustainability

Of course, it is also key for every company the way in which it communicates internally. Employees can at the end of the day be the biggest promotors of the company. If we can involve them in the story of the company this can not only influence its production and effectiveness, but also help attract new capable and talented personnel.

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