This is a Sign

This is a Sign


Pivovarna Laško Union

In the advertising campaign for Pivovarna Union, we placed signs that encouraged consumers to return to “normal”. A sign to pick up the phone and invite friends to hang out. Signs that they should once again spend their afternoons and evenings in a pub, at a picnic or at a football match with those who mean the most to them.

Advertising spaces throughout Slovenia have become a “sign”

Because at the pace we live at, we can easily forget those who mean a lot to us in life. Sometimes we need a sign to call them, hang out with them, invite them to a party, picnic, concert, or football match.

Thus, in the teaser phase, we flooded out-of-home advertising surfaces throughout Slovenia with the mysterious message “This is a sign” and later offered a concrete sign on the same surfaces, which activated individuals and their friends.

Beyond out-of-home advertising

The campaign went beyond just out-of-home advertising – we gave users the sign that it was time to hang out, through TV advertising, online and social media, in collaboration with influencers, at points of sale and elsewhere.

SHIFT: Jure T., Kaja E., Luka B., Matija P., Andraž G., Špela Ž., Nina B., Sara K., Manca B.G., Klara F., Valentina P.
Client: Tjaša Š., Nina T., Daphne S, Katja S.
Partners: Bright, Črtomir J.

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