Luck never rests

Luck never rests


Loterija Slovenije

When Loterija Slovenije launched Joker, the new additional draw for the players of Loto, Eurojackpot and Vikinglotto, which brings many small winnings, we helped them by creating an integrated advertising campaign in which the personified Luck cannot catch her breath due to too many winnings.

Since the arrival of Joker, Luck never rests

The protagonist of our advertisements was the personified Luck, who hadn’t been particularly busy in the past as she didn’t visit us very regularly. But everything changed once Joker entered the market: because the lucky winnings are so common, Luck suddenly had a lot – even too much – work.
The stories about Luck, who keeps trying to take a break from work and find a relaxing moment for herself but fails to do so every time because of the large amount of winnings, were told in three different TV ads and in one common ad that presented this main character.

Luck can be found anywhere

Luck’s adventures in making the many winners happy were also told online and on the radio. The new additional draw was also promoted in print media and on point-of-sale.
The campaign also revealed many fun facts about Luck, such as who grabs whose button when Luck meets a chimney sweep.

SHIFT: Ana I., Eva G., Matija P., Špela Ž., Nina B., Klara F.
Client: Jerneja R., Tina D., Tatjana H.Z.
Partners: Bright, Kukla, Laza B., Urša P.

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