Insure a Whole Choir of Means of Transport

Insure a Whole Choir of Means of Transport


Zavarovalnica Triglav

For Zavarovalnica Triglav, we created a communication campaign for AutoMobil insurance, which in addition to the car, insures many other micro-mobile means of transport. And it was the abundance that was the starting point for creating the campaign. Well, and whistling in the office.

A whole choir

In addition to the many means of transport insured by the product, the abundance is also reflected in the various insurances that AutoMobile insurance offers – in addition to the basic one, there are also three special insurances and many benefits with other insurances of Zavarovalnica Triglav, Triglav Zdravstvena zavarovalnica and Triglav funds. We have therefore metaphorically shown the number with a choir.

A collaboration with the band Bassless

Due to the musical background of the campaign, we connected with the vocal group Bassless, who prepared a completely vocal arrangement and cover of the song Hvala za vijolice. The song, which was the basic element of the campaign, humorously followed and commented on the incidents and accidents of users of various means of transport covered by insurance. We are sure that the song resonated in the listeners’ ears for a long time.

SHIFT: Luka B., Eva G., Matija P., Teja R., Špela Ž.
Client: Tjaša K.F., Vojka N., Jaka J., Alenka J., Sara R., Nika U.
Partners: Bassless, Bilbi, Kinomotel, Art Rebel 9, Studio 100, Miha M., Sven P., Peter G., Pristop Media

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